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Monday, 3 February 2014

Notional Ekphrasis 1

I was taught be my mother to be frugal. At the same time, I was taught by father to be lavish and generous. Both not only portray what each literally meant; each resulted with a conditioned discipline. 'Sometimes,' I am attracted and then eventually submit to consumerism - the technical and most accurate term for this scenario that I am about to berate. It feels as if I have to perpetually represent myself based on the standards set by the pursuit of capital. With this, I have to ensure to myself that I should be updated with it, and possess (there seems to be no necessity to own) the same update at the earliest possible time it was made public. And, it's not even the news.

This is where the recession, not in (only) the economy, but in the mind, starts. The concept of favorable recognition no longer resides in an effort to sharpen plain intellect, on developing how we think, respond, signify, and collect our words for proper expression and discourse; it now seeks to feed the empty tunnel of the objectified appearance. Like excessive humor, it relaxes our productivity to its minimum, if not being outright nil. It goes in and out just the way a garbage is disposed. It drills the skull with the brain where there is no longer balance, but just a hollow nothingness without its philosophical connotations.

What's worse, it attracts even those who do not have the capacity to maintain the habit to the point of misuse. It is a formulated distraction that quietly advertises impracticality. I do not say that a momentary escape from the ideal is absolutely undignified, but when it evolves into constancy is where the weariness begins to exist. This is not categorical decency, and should never be.

We take pride that we are no longer primitive, and that is to be glorified indeed, but we forget the basic is what we only need or even just want to survive; that we utilize what we discover not for convenience, but to seek more challenge. It is unending, or ends with a mere thought of 'Oh, I see' whilst harboring the same as a learned practice. If we misplace our sense of what we deserve, we lose the opportunity to experience what should naturally come out as fruitful.

Consistent to this blog, this is raw and unfiltered. I have yet to hasten my ideas about this, among other things. Should I say I probably would not, and no longer persist in proving the point I have just thought about above? I admit I lose them, ideas, to which my subconscious is probably conflicted in either keeping or neglecting the same until I get another or get preoccupied with what I meant with 'sometimes.' I am supposed to study, so this is the end.

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