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Friday, 14 March 2014

Screws Inside

There was an ill taste when the massacre was ordered as the nature of the world. The knife cut the vital organ of the mother, who fell and died immediately thereafter . It served as the sign of the burning; and people evacuated with the savage mammals. When co-existence became unbearable, people in groups of unfamiliar relation reposed in narrow and almost spaceless rooms. The initiation took place. A brother was  lifted by an unknown force, and his neck was cut by gravity. The air was heavy and threatening, as the room continued to bleed with the sister. The father trespassed without malice, and he was possessed by an anger that feared all others. It attacked each entrances, destroying the barricade of privacy. There was change, but the eerie remained. There was always a hunt, and it will not stop until in corrupts the peace of mind.

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